Tuesday, August 26, 2008

DJ A-Smooth/Premier Productions

I can never stay away from Hip Hop too long,I love it, hate it (and I'm refering to hip pop), love to hate it or hate to love it but i gotta have it.

Another gem I found, DJ A-Smooth/Premier Productions yup, DJ A-Smooth flippin' some Primo. It's tight, from the mixing to the choice of songs. Most of the songs are from the mid to late 90's so it's very familiar but we get them all mixed perfectly. The track listing speaks for itself:

1. Gang Starr- Above the Clouds
2. Nas- NY State of Mind
3. The Notorious B.I.G. Ft. Redman and Methodman- Rap Phenomenon
4. Big L- The Enemy
5. Jeru the Damaja- One Day
6. Jay-Z- Friend or Foe
7. Afu-Ra- Equality
8. Rakim- It’s Been a Long Time
9. The Notorious B.I.G.- Kick in the Door
10. Gang Starr- You Know My Steez
11. Jeru the Damaja- Physical Stamina
12. KRS-One- MC’s Act Like They Don’t Know
13. Rakim- New York (Ya Out There)
14. The Notorious B.I.G.- Unbelievable
15. Group Home- Living Proof
16. Jeru the Damaja- Scientifical Madness
17. Das EFX- Real Hip Hop
18. Jay-Z- A Million & One Questions
19. Nas- Represent
20. Nas- Nas is Like
21. Royce da 5′9″- Boom
22. Afu-Ra- Lyrical Monster
23. Gang Starr- Full Clip
24. Gang Starr- I’m the Man
25. Gang Starr- Speak Ya Clout
26. KRS-One- Outta Here
27. Gang Starr- Code of the Streets
28. Big L- Platinum Plus
29. Pitch Black- It’s All Real
30. Gang Starr- Dwyck
31. Gang Starr- Skills
32. D’Angelo- Lady


Monday, August 18, 2008


The goodvibez#014
Another brand new mix, this is my favorite mix since #009. It's a reflection of me, I love all the tracks but we always have favorites and here they are.

Track # 4 BOOGIE WITH YOUR BABY by Willie J & Co, this joint makes me wanna do back flips from the drums to the funky bass lines and let’s not forget about the horns, I just wanna get down when I hear this. Next is # 8 GETTING UP by Q-Tip, I’m just waiting for the album to drop. A TRIBUTE TO THE BEATNUTS by J. Rawls's Liquid Crystal Project that track is simply off the hook (made me start listening to jazz again). Last but not least is # 11 VIEWER WARNING by Padmo’. I was unable to get much info on Padmon’ but the whole album is incredible, think early DJ Shadow meets early Herbaliser it’ll give you an Idea,I’ve been bumpin’ the album in my ipod for months and I love it (Jazzy Instrumental beats).

Hope you will enjoy, these are single Mp3 files the long mix will be posted on my podcast later this week.

1-Stranded on Earth (Feat. Jessica Darling)/The Herbaliser
2-What Do You Take Me For/The Brand New Heavies
4-Boogie With Your Baby (Kenny Dope Edit)/Willie J & Co
5-Keeping On/The Sound Stylistics
6-A Tribute To The Beatnuts/J. Rawls Presents The Liquid Crystal Project II
7-Love/The Globetraddas
8-Gettin Up (Clean) /Q-Tip
9-Feelin' Jack/Shawn Jackson
10-The Healer/Hip Hop (rmx) f. Pharoahe Monch/Erykah Badu
11-Viewer Warning/Padmo'
12-On My Way (Feat Linn)/Freddie Cruger Present The 3 Foot People
13-Put Something in the Air/J Rawls and Middle Child
14-Mariana/Seu Jorge
15-Santana/Justice System
16-Funderal March/Asio Kids
17-Snap/Ronald Jenkees
18-Sheppard & His Flock ft. Andy Sheppard/Up Bustle & Out

Enjoy !


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Seu Jorge/America Brasil

I was looking to review something new, something interesting that did not get a lot of press. I try to add to the blogging community and not just repeat from other blogs and I was on the boogienomore blog and I found the new Seu Jorge album America Basil.

A few years back I was watching Wes Anderson’s The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou and there was this character called PelĂ© Dos Santos which was played by Seu Jorge not only did he play in this movie but he also provided much of the soundtrack and that’s how I discovered Seu Jorge. He did his own acoustic versions of David Bowie classics in Portuguese. After been hooked on The Life Aquatic I found out that Jorge had a new album called Cru, I was somewhat disappointed for production was lacking.

The raspy voiced Brazilian is back with America Brazil and this album is his most complete yet. It’s a mixture of Funk, Rock, Samba the album is colorful, sometimes energetic and sometimes mellow but always on point. The whole album is in Portuguese so I couldn’t understand the lyrics but I was able to feel the warmth of the album as I was drawn to authenticity of the Brazilian sounds I just wished that I was there. This album is easy to absorb but we still notice the subtleties of every song.

If you haven’t head anything from Seu Jorge this is the best place to start and for people that don’t know him give it a try I’m sure you will enjoy this warm cocktail of sounds. Definitely worth checking out.

You can get it from one of my co bloggers right here.
Just keep in mind that this is for promotional usage only.

4 cocktails outta 5



Thursday, August 7, 2008

9th Wonder & Murs / Sweet Lord

O.K so I was on a hip hop diet for a while, listening to electronic music (house, downtempo, some jazz and on one of my co-bloggers had this posted, I was like hmmm ! Murs and 9th Wonder didn't see that one coming and the combination sounded good.

9th Wonder is a hip hop producer from Raleigh, North Carolina, U.S.. He began his career as the main producer for the hip hop group Little Brother.

MURS is a West Coast underground rapper. He is signed to the independent label Record Collection and is a member of the rap groups Living Legends, Felt, the 3 Melancholy Gypsys, and previously the "elusive" Log Cabin crew.

This album is SSWWEEEET ! and Murs said it best “ If it wasn’t a 10 then it wouldn’t be perfect”. 10 tracks all solid, no fluff, no frills just straight hip hop. The storytelling style on Murs goes hand in hand with 9th Wonder’s signature beats. It’s a free download the link is there make sure to check it out.

4.5 spins outta 5

Peace & I’m out



Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Indiefeed:Hip hop

You gotta check out this one song podcast, 3 to 4 times a week, It automatically downloads to my iTunes, I've discovered so many different artists with IndieFeed and It's not just hip hop, there's IndieFeed electronica, blues, alternative/modern rock, dance there's something for everybody and It's totally free.

Check it out :http://blindingflashes.blogs.com/indiefeed_hiphop_rap/