Thursday, May 27, 2010

ArtOfficial:The Payback

ArtOfficial/The Payback 2010 -Free Download

So here I am blogwalking and I was checking out Real hiphop's post and something caught my attention, now I remember seeing that post on a few other sites/blogs and i decided to give it a try. ArtOfficial from Miami and the free download: The Payback, hip hop band a la The Roots . It's a 12-track mixtape /street album consists of 2 emcees Newsense and Logics rhyming over the live instrumental tracks by musicians: Danny Perez, Manny Patino, Ralf Valencia and Keith Cooper, the recreation of classic instrumentals such as rock legend Jimi Hendrix (“Voodoo”) to jazz trio Medeski, Martin & Wood (title track “The Payback”) and one of my all time classic Don't Sweat The Technique.

Bottom line is this is just some good music, it has that boom-bap 90's feel to it, the sax player is mighty nice and it's just a cool album to vibe to and they will be featured in my future mixes for sure.

Get it here for free

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Sunday, May 2, 2010


thegoodvibez presents: DJ Cam

I decided to introduce a little something new called the goodvibez presents, basically I will put together a compilation of some of my favorite artists and the first one is DJ Cam.

Dj Cam born Laurent Daumail is a french DJ and his style is a hybrid of hip hop and jazz. Last time I counted he had something like 13 albums under his belt starting from 1994 with Underground Vibes. Now how did i discover DJ Cam ? As you may or may not know, while in college, I had the coolest job, I was working in a music store, it was small and we mostly sold commercial stuff but it's still up to date one of my favorite jobs. Anyhow at a certain point, huge mega-stores started opening and needless to say it took a few months to shut us down. Even if I hated the huge mega stores I walked in and well I was amazed of the choice they had, imports, rare albums and their hip hop section had way more choices then i was accustomed to, on top of that you could ask to listen to an album which was amazing.

So there I was in that mega-store and by pure fluke I found DJ cam's the beat condoctor in the acid jazz section, I couldn't believe it they even had an acid jazz section. so here i am in line with a pile of cd's to listen to and as soon it started, '' Cuz I love hip hop like Madonna loves dick'' and I was hooked. Now within these 13 albums some are a little darker and more on the edge of trip hop like the loa project vol. 2. Then you have his later music like soulshine that you can tell by the title is more soul oriented but lately i rediscovered him with DJ Cam's Quartet ( Diggin' and Rebirth of cool) both of these albums are insane for any music lover. I can resume the last 2 albums jazz quartet with dj and a whole lotta groove and that how I rediscovered Dj Cam. Of course when an artist has sucha vaste repertoire it's not easy to choose 15 songs, so I choose my favorites but also i wanted to display his taste for different moods and ambiances.

thegoodvibez#023 DJ Cam (part.1)

1- I Love Hip Hop
2- Gangsta Shit
3- Rebirth Of Cool
4- Liquid Hip Hop
5- Candyman (featuring Franck Black)
6- Boss Guitar
7- Juliet
8- Soulshine
9- It's Yours
10- Everybody Loves The Sunshine (feat. Inlove)
11- Summer in Paris
12- So What (part 2)
13- Lost Kingdom (Featuring Kakoli Sengupta)
14- Mad Bluted Jazz
15- New York New York

thegoodvibez#023 DJ Cam (part.2)

1- Bounce
2- Think Twice
3- Welcome to Soulshine
4- Condor (Espionage ft. Guru)
5- So Sweet
6- 6 Sense
7- Success
8- Raise Up
9- You’ve Got To Have Freedom (feat. Inlove)
10- Don Dada
11- Brooklyn
12- Dieu Reconnaitra Les Siens
13- Underground Vibes
14- DJ Cam Sound System
15- St Germain
16- Twilight Zone


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