Monday, June 30, 2008


Nowadays mixtapes serve as a promotional item for new albums and most of them just plain suck but there’s always an exception to the rule and this exception is: NAS & DJ GREEN LANTERN "Nigger Tape".

One word: BOOMING. Strong lyrical content, it’s like all the things that are on the tip of everyone's tongue are being said by Nas without hesitation. He's getting people to start talking and that can be explosive for generating change in America.
I've always been a huge fan of Nas and he’s been dropping good albums on the regular except for a few average ones but then again do I need to mention the classic Illmatic ? I didn't think so.

The mixtape has some songs that we’ve already heard as well as some remixes and newer stuff. Some tracks are just incredible. And the skits play an important role ato the theme. I know that “Hero" and "Be a Nigger Too” are the singles right now but my personal favorite (because singles are not always the hottest songs)is “Ghetto (remix) feat. Joel Ortiz”. For the less educated readers, The instrumental and title are taken from Eric B. & Rakim and Joel Ortiz rips it (way more then Nas, on this track that is) and if you’ve never heard of Joel Ortiz take the time to look him up he is definitely worth it.

After hearing this mixtape I'm anxious to see what he's brewing for his next album dropping July 15th. One of the best mixtape I’ve heard in years.

1. Intro
2. Gangsta Rap (remix) (prod. DJ Green Lantern)
3. Cops Keep Firing (prod. DJ Green Lantern)
4. Hero (prod. Polow Da Don)
5. Black President (prod. DJ Green Lantern)
6. Association fea. (of dead prez)
7. Legendary (Mike Tyson) (prod. Salaam Remi)
8. Ghetto (remix) feat. Joell Ortiz (prod. DJ Green Lantern)
9. Seen it All (Green Mix)
10. Esco Let’s Go (Full Song) (prod. Dj Khallil)
11. N.I.G.G.E.R. (Slave and Master). (prod. DJ Toomp)
12. Be a Nigger Too (remix) feat. Dante Hawkins (prod. DJ Green Lantern)
13. Surviving the Times (Original Cool and Dre Version)
14. Nas Timeline (mixed by Statik Selektah) (Nararated by Nas)
15. Outro f. Richard Pryor

4 Obamas outta 5



You can get it at a few mixtape web sites :

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Outkast / Southern Royalty mixtape Review

Here’s a little something that I fell upon from a group that needs no introduction, it’s Outkast / Southern Royalty mixtape and besides that awful first song (What about your friends by T.L.C.) which serves a purpose because it’s the first time Outkast was recorded.

The album is nicely mixed; it’s a compilation of pre-Stankonia song (because afterward they just lost it). There are some rare jams on that mixtape, like: da art of storytelling pt. 4 ft. marsha ambrosius, black ice by goodie mob, benz or beemer (from the New Jersey Drive Soundtrack) but one of my favorite tracks still remains smokefest ft. tash, phil da agony & b-real. I would of like to hear Player’s Ball(outkast’s 1st single)and from my point of view a classic.

In conclusion if you’re an Outkast fan you will enjoy. You can get this mixtape for free at here's the link:

I give it 4 ½ Hey Ya's out of 5.



Friday, June 20, 2008



01-Summermadness/Dj Cam
02-Tabla Talkin' Dub Beatfanatic Remix ft. Nitin Sawhney/Up Bustle & Out
03-Ain't No Fool/Domu Presents Pete Simpson
04-Miss DJ!!/DOUBLE
05-You Can Make It/DJ Kawasaki feat. Tasita D'Mour
06-Numbers/Booka Shade
07-I Don't Know/Wax Tailor
08-Shot in the Dark/RJD2
09-Street Karma (A Cautionary Tale) (Feat. Jean Grae)/The Herbaliser
10-The Cure Instrumental (Bonus Track Japan)/Braille
11-Zodiac (Keys By Salem Al Fakir)/Freddie Cruger Present The 3 Foot People
12-Amazon Stroll/Padmo'
13-The Lonesome King/Supermayer
14-Days To Come (Feat. Bajka)/Bonobo

For my people from podOmatic, I will upload thegoodvibez#011 later today and I must inform you that I'm having so many problems with the site that I will no longer post there. Just check out my blog it's easyer and most of all... It works.


PS: In order to be able to decompress the file, you need stuffit expander you can get it here:

The 3rd World/Immortal Technique & DJ Green Lantern

Following the announcement of the release date of the upcoming Immortal Technique album (June 24th 2008), I was treated to a few tracks to introduce us to what could be the most anticipated independent album in years. When I say independent, I’m not talking about a rapper on an underground label. I’m talking about a rapper who sold his CDs on the street and now refuses to sign with a label that could provide more exposure as it might infringe on his message and mission and most of all his beliefs. However, with the announcement that a large amount of production for the album was completed by Jay-Z’s DJ Green Lantern, it had yet to be seen if Immortal Technique could stick to his guns amid production that on previous albums had been handled by far more independent names like Southpaw and 44 Caliber.

So much of hip-hop today is based on listenable production that masks otherwise impotent lyrics not Immortal Technique, his songs take an already potent lyricism and delivery and drive them home with an increased versatility derived from new musical landscapes behind them. If you don't know Immortal Technique then you are missing out on some incredible hip hop. How can one describe Immortal Technique: lyrical, political, he's a mixture of Chuck D, KRS-1 and Rakim into one furious mc. A quote from “The Payback,” “I make rap about lyrics not beats and marketing.” And after listening to this track, “The 3rd World,” and “Reverse Pimpology,” there is no question that regardless of the beat behind him, Immortal Technique will not change his message or the power in his lyrics. The beat are on point, there'a a few skits in there but they blend in real well with the album and the message is always strong my favorite is the one where Michael Richard (Kramer from Seinfeld, a show that i still enjoy) screams "He's a NI99ER"

WARNING: Not for the intellectually weak and if you like buble gum cheezy rap with R&B hooks this will not be yo thang.

4 exploding grenades out of 5

You can get it on one of my fellow bloggers at:

PEACE & I'm Out

Thursday, June 12, 2008


track listing:

1-Intro/Dj Ronn
2-Blowing Up The Sport (Feat Akil Baker)/Fort Knox Five
3-Lost & Found/Dj Cam
4-Blue Coast (Ecko Remix)/Lalann
5-Second Chance/Domu Presents Pete Simpson
6-Lights And Music/Cut Copy
7-Love Sweet Sound (Mark Knight & Funkagenda's R.H.B Remix)/Groove Armada
8-So Far/Miguel Migs
9-Didn't Mean to Turn You On (Chuck Love rmx)/DJ Colette
10-Get Your Money/
11-Still Got Love/Blue Scholars
12-Flashback (Jazzanova's Breathe Easy Mix)/Fat Freddys Drop
13-Love Of A Women Ft. Darondo/Clutchy Hopkins
14-Suffragette City/Seu Jorge



Another episode, this is some nice summery chill house music. Check out my facebook group, the goodvibez podcast.

DJ Ron

1-I Love To Move In Here/Moby
2-Spiritual Insurrection/Joe Claussell
3-Diferente/Gotan Project
4-Rise/Samantha James
5-Lone Cat (Groove Junkies Mix)/Ben Watt
6-Hypnotized (Kaskade Mix)/Colette
7-Retail Therapy/View Finder
8-Ghosts And Rose (Feat. Noemi)/Stephane Pompougnac
9-My precious with Lady Bird/Llorca
10-Lift Off/Groove Collective
11-My Computer Is Funk/DJ Bitman



I had to bring it back to basics, some nice jazzy downtempo electronic music. Check out Portishead's new single '' MACHINE GUN'' from the upcoming album ''THIRD'' also if anybody knows who is Clutchy Hopkins let me know, on this note enjoy and I'll be back soon. PEACE

DJ Ron

1- Machine Gun/Portishead
2- Moan (Vocal Version Featuring Ane Trolle)/Trentmoller
3- Gained The World (Feat. Manda)/Morcheeba
4-Midnight Ambulances/Kobayashi
5- Sneakin'/jaffa
6- cMassage Situation/Flying Lotus
7-Drops ft. Cyne/Daedelus
8- Not So OK Corral/Blockhead
10- 3:34/Clutchy Hopkins
11- Truth (featuring Roisin Murphy & J-Live)/Handsome Boy Modeling School
12- CadĂȘ VocĂȘ?/Bebel Gilberto
13- Midnight Melodic (Chase The Blues)/Terranova
14-Final Home (Vocal Version Featuring Esthero)/DJ Krush




Here is a little something I cooked up, I wanna say wassup to Junior (You wanted a Brand New Heavies track you got it) also peace to my man T. and thanks for the Downliners Sekt hook up, i flipped a track on this episode and i also got that Mos Def track just for you.


1-Love Sweet Sound/Groove Armada
2-Before (Herbert's After Dub Remix)/Dzihan & Kamien
3-Miss shanghai (feat Dez)/The Shanghai Restoration Project
4-More Mess On My Thing/Poets of Rhythm
5-Let's Have A Good Time/The Brand New heavies
6-Terrapin (Mr Scruff Mix)/Bonobo
7-We Be The Crew/The Wiseguys
8-Gotta Have Her/Mr Scruff & Mark Rae
9-Umi Says (Zero 7 Remix)/Mos Def
10-Transcend ft. Bahamadia/King Britt
11-Que Sera/Wax Tailor
12-Blackstock Mews/Downliners Sekt
13-The Lost Voices (ft Sly & Robbie)/DJ Krush
14-A Paw In My Face/The Field



thegoodvibez#006 notes.

Since I don't get the chance to play a lot of hip hop, I decided to drop a hip hop special. The podOmatic site was down, i couldn't upload so i flipped this podcast real quick. There's some old stuff, some new but it's smooth jazzy hip hop. ENJOY !

1- Classic (Better Than I’ve Ever Been) Rmx / Kanye West, Nas, Krs-1 & Rakim
2- CL Smooth Unplugged / CL Smooth
3- Scars (Cut Me Deep ft. Median, Joe Scudda) / Rapper Big Pooh
4- Moonshine / Gift of Gab
5- I Just Wanna Lay Around All Day In Bed With You / The Coup
6- Aquatic Groove / Strange Fruit Project
7- Once Again ft. Kev Brown & Freddie Foxxx / Oddisee
8- The Best Secret (featuring The Lords Of The Underground) / Pete Rock
9- The World's Gone Mad (Ft Del The Funky Homosapien, Barrington Levy & Alex Kapranos) / Handsome Boy Modeling School
10- Wrong Side of The Tracks / Artifacts
11-Freestyle / Bop City
12-Bridge To 'Bama (Hi Tek Remix ft. Talib Kweli) / Soulive
13- 9th Wonder (Blackitolism) / Digable Planets
14-Quoi qu'il en soit / Oxmo Puccino And The Jazzbastards
15- We've Got The Jazz / A Tribe Called Quest
16- Clickety Clack / The National Parcs


Wednesday, June 11, 2008


thegoodvibez#005 playlist & links

1- In The City (12" Version) / Chromatics
2- To The East / Electrelane
3- The Bomb / New Young Pony Club
4- Fa-Fa-Fa / Datarock
5- D.V.N.O. (L.A. Riots Remix) / Justice
6- Bodywork / MSTRKRFT
7- Idealistic (Original Mix) / Digitalism
8- Stratosphere / Junkie XL
9- Rocks The Bass / Unique 3
10- Beautiful Life / Gui Boratto
11- Someone Great / LCD Soundsystem
12- I Believe / Simian Mobile Disco



2-Lavish Feat Veba-Mark Rae
3-Jade Buddha Temple ft. Di Johnston-The Shanghai Restoration Project
5-This Is The Place (Overture)-Jazzanova
6-Shine-DJ Bitman
7-Once Upon A Past-Wax Tailor
8-Perverted Undertone-Prefuse 73
9-Special ft. Thesis-Strange Fruit Project
10-Look to the Sun (Prod. bySolar)-Guru
11-You Wish-Nightmares On Wax
12-Harlem River Drive-Marden Hill
13-Everybody Loves The Sunshine-Roy Ayers
14-I'm Going Down-Rose Royce
15-15-Forever More Can 7 Safari Mix-Moloko

This episode was my favorite one in my early podcast because it's so texturized and moody without being depressing. My 3 favorite tracks are 100% by Chromeo, Jade Buddha Temple ft. Di Johnston by The Shanghai Restoration Project and there's a tie for the 3rd place Everybody Loves The Sunshine by Roy Ayers and I'm Going Down by Rose Royce (the first song was smpled by so many artist however Mary J. Blidge comes to mind because she did a remake of I'm going down as well).




Well another episode, on this mix my favorite tracks are: Les Joies De L’Amour by the New Jersey Kings that’s some smooth jazzy track with a sensual French voiceover a la Charlotte Gainsbourg the there’s August Day Song by Bebel Gilberto and that’s the King Britt Remix then I got Chromeo with Bonafied Lovin’ and that’s some crazy retro synth heavy grooves. I’ll be back soon with some another mix so…





There it goes, this is my 2nd podcast and actually, episode # 002 was mixed in Garage Band while the previous episode was in audacity (not as good as Garage Band). My favorite tracks on this mix would be the opening track (Stay Funky / Big Cheese All Star) a small French acid jazz label that doesn’t exist anymore and that that is just off the hook just my type of vibe. There’s also Soul Ecstacy by Soul Ecstacy which is a fictional soundtrack the signer sounds like a bootleg Curtis Mayfield but still sound smooth. I had to drop some hip hop in there and please do not mistake HIP HOP for HIP POP (the evil twin brother who sold his soul to the corporations) anyways the song is Flying High In A Brooklyn Sky by The Digable Planets featuring Wah Wah Watson (on the horns) this track is perfect, soulful, intelligent, smooth, jazzy (I can go on for days), come back for more goodvibez !




Thursday, June 5, 2008


These are songs from my first podcast ( Check out The National Parcs ( Montreal their sound is really fresh and new, I’m a Blockhead fan so I had to drop something in there, The Strain is from the last album called: Uncle Tony’s Coloring Book and last but not least The Bottle by Gil Scott Heron ( the socio-political lyrics and the great music this guy was affiliated with the Black Panther Party in the late 60's and early 70's.Hope you will enjoy

PS: This is not mixed because of the poor quality of my 1st podcast however the future one will be mixed.



1-Awestruck/The National Parcs
2-The Strain/Blockhead
3-All That You Are ft. Median/The Foreign Exchange
4-Here But i'm Gone/Curtis Mayfield & Lauren Hill
5-Dreamin'/Amp Fiddler
6-The Bottle/Gil Scott Heron
7-Needy Girl (Zdar dub mix)/Chromeo
8-Think Twice/Detroit Experiment


PS: In order to be able to decompress the file, you need stuffit expander you can get it here: