Friday, June 20, 2008

The 3rd World/Immortal Technique & DJ Green Lantern

Following the announcement of the release date of the upcoming Immortal Technique album (June 24th 2008), I was treated to a few tracks to introduce us to what could be the most anticipated independent album in years. When I say independent, I’m not talking about a rapper on an underground label. I’m talking about a rapper who sold his CDs on the street and now refuses to sign with a label that could provide more exposure as it might infringe on his message and mission and most of all his beliefs. However, with the announcement that a large amount of production for the album was completed by Jay-Z’s DJ Green Lantern, it had yet to be seen if Immortal Technique could stick to his guns amid production that on previous albums had been handled by far more independent names like Southpaw and 44 Caliber.

So much of hip-hop today is based on listenable production that masks otherwise impotent lyrics not Immortal Technique, his songs take an already potent lyricism and delivery and drive them home with an increased versatility derived from new musical landscapes behind them. If you don't know Immortal Technique then you are missing out on some incredible hip hop. How can one describe Immortal Technique: lyrical, political, he's a mixture of Chuck D, KRS-1 and Rakim into one furious mc. A quote from “The Payback,” “I make rap about lyrics not beats and marketing.” And after listening to this track, “The 3rd World,” and “Reverse Pimpology,” there is no question that regardless of the beat behind him, Immortal Technique will not change his message or the power in his lyrics. The beat are on point, there'a a few skits in there but they blend in real well with the album and the message is always strong my favorite is the one where Michael Richard (Kramer from Seinfeld, a show that i still enjoy) screams "He's a NI99ER"

WARNING: Not for the intellectually weak and if you like buble gum cheezy rap with R&B hooks this will not be yo thang.

4 exploding grenades out of 5

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