Wednesday, June 11, 2008


There it goes, this is my 2nd podcast and actually, episode # 002 was mixed in Garage Band while the previous episode was in audacity (not as good as Garage Band). My favorite tracks on this mix would be the opening track (Stay Funky / Big Cheese All Star) a small French acid jazz label that doesn’t exist anymore and that that is just off the hook just my type of vibe. There’s also Soul Ecstacy by Soul Ecstacy which is a fictional soundtrack the signer sounds like a bootleg Curtis Mayfield but still sound smooth. I had to drop some hip hop in there and please do not mistake HIP HOP for HIP POP (the evil twin brother who sold his soul to the corporations) anyways the song is Flying High In A Brooklyn Sky by The Digable Planets featuring Wah Wah Watson (on the horns) this track is perfect, soulful, intelligent, smooth, jazzy (I can go on for days), come back for more goodvibez !




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