Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Outkast / Southern Royalty mixtape Review

Here’s a little something that I fell upon from a group that needs no introduction, it’s Outkast / Southern Royalty mixtape and besides that awful first song (What about your friends by T.L.C.) which serves a purpose because it’s the first time Outkast was recorded.

The album is nicely mixed; it’s a compilation of pre-Stankonia song (because afterward they just lost it). There are some rare jams on that mixtape, like: da art of storytelling pt. 4 ft. marsha ambrosius, black ice by goodie mob, benz or beemer (from the New Jersey Drive Soundtrack) but one of my favorite tracks still remains smokefest ft. tash, phil da agony & b-real. I would of like to hear Player’s Ball(outkast’s 1st single)and from my point of view a classic.

In conclusion if you’re an Outkast fan you will enjoy. You can get this mixtape for free at here's the link:

I give it 4 ½ Hey Ya's out of 5.



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