Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Naked Music / Re-Creation

Remember how I was saying that I was looking for a change of scenery, a change of sound well I kept digging and I found this gem, Naked Music / Re-Creation.

In a nutshell, soulful chill house better yet it's (SSSNM) stands for super sexy saturday night music. Jay Denes (The Producer) has his listeners this trip on a blissful journey. Re-Creation treats its listeners with beautiful sax and funky guitar licked tracks. The ladies of Naked Music are sounding sweet as ever. Re-creation is a fitting anniversary album for the Naked Music label, as it perfectly embodies Naked's elegant evolving sound.

It's sophisticated lush layers, carefully executed production, artful lyrics and smooth vocals all stand way, way, WAY out there, especially in this tragic age of mediocre, trend driven music. Perfect for your nights just chillin and it grooves enough so you don't fall asleep. Even if house music is not your thing give it a shot It's worth it ...So good !!!

4 snares outta 5



So after absorbing so much hip hop I needed a change of sound, I was looking for something chill, jazzy so I grabbed Bitter:Sweet's new album Drama from one of my co-bloggers. Bitter:Sweet is Kiran Shahani who produced a group called Supreme Beings Of Leisure and Shana Halligan.

They dropped The Mating Game (their 1st album) April 4, 2006 In summer of 2007, Bitter:Sweet released The Remix Game, featuring reworked versions of tracks from The Mating Game by renowned producers such as Thievery Corporation, Fort Knox Five, Jed Smith and Skeewiff and now Drama. The album sounds good It's martini music worthy of an old James Bond score. I like that spacy 60's vibe you can chill to it with ease it gets a little repetitive at the end but still woth checking out. Get it right here from on of my co-bloggers.


3 Martinis outta 5

Enjoy !



Here's a little something I cooked up real quick, It's a R&B Soul mix. I did this mix to show that R&B doesn't have to be cheesy, there are some good original artists out there but It's too bad they are overshadowed by pop artists. So this one goes out to my girl and all the lovers In the house.

My favorite tracks are Time by Brooklyn Red (so smooth reminds me of Maxwell), Soldier by Miss Badu (I just love what she does, that smooth jazzy voice reminding me of Billie Hollyday what can I say ... devine) last but not least Sweet Dependency from Corneille (This song reminds me of my first date with my girls so in some really cheesy way it grew on me). The cover is a painting from an artist that I discovered from one of my fellow bloggers.


1-Time/Big Brooklyn Red
2-Wash Away/Hil St. Soul
3-Cupid Smiling The Smile/One Self (aka DJ Vadim)
4-Soldier/Erykah Badu
6-Stay For Awhile (feat. Angie Stone)/Anthony Hamilton
7-Useless/J Rawls and Middle Child
8-Eye ft. Stacy Epps/Madvillain
9-Brandi (feat. Slum Village)/Dwele
10-I'm Left Dreaming/Domu Presents Pete Simpson
11-Sweet Dependency/Corneillecd
12-The Real Thing/Jill Scott
13-Millionaire/Musiq Soulchild
14-Don't Look Back/Chocolate Genius
15-The Seed/Cody Chestnut

Peace & I'm out



Friday, July 25, 2008

C-San / The Birth

A few weeks ago I get this e-mail from Chris (C-San), he congratulated me on my blog and asked me to check out his MySpace page and he also gave me a link to download his album.I looked around in my favorite Hip Hop Blogs, nothing on C-San. Then I procrastinated and a few days ago I was wondering what to put on my blog next and I was like yeah! Let me see wassup with this Chris (C-San) guy and boy was I pleasantly surprised It’s been playing in my iPod ever since.

C-San is representing Inglewood California, he sounds like a young AZ, I don’t know if that’s a demo or an album maybe a mixtape but the production is tight, the rhymes are on point it’s lyrically stimulating and it just sounds good and consistent all around (well except for that song with Akon can’t stand that guy). The bonus tracks really did the job for me.

Check him out my space page. We should encourage young artists like that, I know how the music industry is and on top of that C-San chooses to stay true and not sell out.

Nuff Respect


3.5 foam cups outta 5

Peace & I’m Out


Friday, July 18, 2008

Shawn Jackson/ First of All

Sometimes I’ll just surf around, view other bloggers and I noticed something, one guy mentions Shawn Jackson, then on another blog another guy mentions him again so after the forth time I’m like well let me check this guy out and this is how I discover fantastic new artists.

Shawn Jackson’s First of All is a little gem, It reminds me of all of my favorite hip hop groups blended into one and still manages to sound fresh and new. I’m still in the process of digesting this album but I just had to let the people out there know, this guy is for real and even if you don’t listen to hip hop you are going to feel this guy, his sound is that good.

You can get it from one of my fellow bloggers (Keep in mind that it’s for promotional purposes only).
4 funky drum rolls outta 5



Wednesday, July 16, 2008


The music industry is changing and only those who know how to adapt will survive. Since the whole napster fiasco album sales have been dropping, why pay when you can download right? Some artist adapted well to this new era, others even used it to their advantage, Dj Mighty Mouse comes to mind with The Gray Album, which is an amalgamation on The Beatles’s White Album and Jay-Z’s Black album.

Omer Saar did the same thing; The Green Album is a mixture of some of Al Green’s classic material with mc’s like Mf Doom, Mos Def, Method Man, The Pharcyde, Jay-Z, Biggie Smalls and others. From the intro to the last song I was amazed how the Al Green melodies worked well on the hip-hop level. Keep in mind that this is not a budgeted project so I was really impressed with the final material. Some songs work better then others but it’s a strong album, a nice soundtrack to this summer.

Omer Saar’s green album is the proof that the Internet can be use to create and this product is an incredible piece of self-promotion.

3.5 soul stars outta 5


You can get it for free:Omer Saar / The Green Album

Saturday, July 12, 2008



It's time to bring it back to my first love, Hip Hop. It was time for a change of scenery so this is my latest hip hop mix, enjoy.

1-Global Networking Intro/DJ Talkback
2-The Lights/Nicolay and Kay
3-Rising Up (featuring chrisett michelle & wale)/The Roots
4-Time Of Your Life Ft Carlitta Durand/Little Brother
5-Just What I Need/Craig G & Marley Marl
6-Hold It Down f. Talib Kweli and Tyler Woods/Buckshot & 9th Wonder
7-Voodoo Child (DJPremier Remix ft. Afu Ra)/DJ Cam
8-The Artistic Integrity/Wale
9-Harlem Renaissance/Immortal Technique
10-Restless (Beat By M-Phazes)/Braille
11-Looking Up (feat. Bilal)/Hezekiah
12-Ghetto (Remix Feat. Joell Ortiz) (Produced By DJ Green Lantern)/Nas
13-Air (Remix)/MF Doom and Clutchy Hopkins
14-Big Von / Life to the MC (remix)/Mass Influence
15-Chosen/J.Rawls & Declaime
17-We're Only BS/Red Astaire




Friday, July 11, 2008

J Rawls / The Liquid Crystal Project II

Trough hip hop I’ve learned so much, I remember the jazz explosion in the early to mid 90’s (Digable Planets, Jazzmatazz, A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, US3) we’re all sampling jazz so I discovered jazz through hip hop. I remember reading the cd booklets then going to buy the original jazz albums that we’re sampled. One of my classic is Straight No Chaser from Blue Note but eventually this sub-genre faded and I listened to less and less jazz.

Now, who is J Rawls ? This cat is best know for his work with Black Star’s (Mos Def & Talib Kweli) “Brown Skin Lady” and “Yeah Yo”. I discovered him through “It's the Dank & Jammy Show by J Rawls & Declaime "Then rediscovered him with Middle Child (One of the best R&B albums I’ve head this year) and one more time with “The Liquid Crystal Project II”

This album is just slamin’ (I slept on the first one) I kid you not, this is a musical revelation (think fusing jazz into hip-hop or hip hop into jazz), it's sounds fresh and new without beign pretensious or feeling like a stranger in a strange land. The last jazz album I was feelin’ was Roy Hargrove’s “Rh Factor” but this is just so delectable. Imagine, take what is familiar to you in hip hop, smooth it out on the jazz tip then you got something new but somewhat familiar and it works on all the levels.

If you’re into jazz I know you gonna dig this, you a hip hop head you gonna feel it to. I’ve seen a few different covers (artwork) so it may vary.

Buy it, steel it, download it but you got to make sure to check it out. One of my fellow bloggers has it posted : (Keep in mind that the album downloads are for promotional purposes only). You can also get a copy on the WordPress website :

4.5 horns outtalk 5



Thursday, July 10, 2008

Mick Boogie & Little Brother/ ... And Justice For All

My first contact with Little Brother was through Foreign Connection and I was like who's that just flowin' and that was Phonte from Little Brother. Then I got the first album, The Minstrel Show and I got Mick Boogie & Little Brother/ ... And Justice For All. By the way that mixtape (which came out last year is now passing as a new little Brother album) regardless it's tight. Great production, outstanding lyricism, the featuring that appear help bring a different dimension to the mixtape without overshadowing the main act. Mixed by Mick Boogie (This cat is everywhere) ! Check it out It's a great album/mixtape and always sucka free !

Free download:

4 commissioners outta 5



Busta Rhymes+J Dilla / Dillagence

Here's little something I found, Mick Boogie Presents Busta Rhymes+J Dilla / Dillagence. It took me a while to digest this mixtape, at first I was like ...nnnnot so good, then it grew on me.

I saw Busta Rhymes live a few times and I must admit this guy knows how to put on a show and this cat's been around since hip hop's early years (remember Leaders Of The New School and The Scenario from A Tribe Called Quest). He had a few solid albums however this one is very different, with the help of J Dilla on the beats, there's no formula, no R&B featurings just straight hip hop. There's a couple of head bangers but it's just not a strong album (mixtape).

The best moments of this album (mixtape) are from the featurings (Raw Diggah, Talib Kweli, Papoose. So, much love to Busta but this one falls short of my expectations but still worth checking out. You can get it for free on the Mick Boogie web site.

3 Dragons outta 5

Free Download:

Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Lost Fingers/ Lost in the 80's

A few weeks ago my girlfriend was telling me about this group called “The Lost Fingers” I was like who? The lost what? Then she purchased the album and insisted that I check it out. Since I’m the music fiend in the couple I was like this better not be some cheesy generic R&B and it wasn’t.

Hailing from Quebec City, Lost Fingers is foremost a jazz band and this album is an homage to the 80’s. What they did is they took commercial songs from the 80’s flipped them into an acoustic jazz style and it works, I was singing pump up the jam on my way to the office. However after a while it gets repetitive, the vocals are O.K nothing special and all that acoustic guitar is cool but how about a beat, what happened to the drums? Gimme a snare, a kick .

In conclusion it’s a cool concept album, these guys are talented enough to make it happen, I would of like to see some variety and some drums because after a while (near the end of the album) everything sounds the same. Cool concept.

By the way they are giving a series of free show in the Montreal Jazz Fest, if i recall the shows are from June 26th to July 6th @ 5:30 pm. Here's the Jazz Fest link:

Check out their my space page:

3.5 Acoustic Guitars outta 5



Jeune Chilly Chill / Swaggalicioso Le Mixtape

As you may or may not know, I’m from Montreal, Canada and we do have a hip hop scene. A lot of young talented rappers are out there tryin’ to make it so I decided to hook a brother up and in this case the brother is a skinny nerdy white dude.

Right from the get go, you can tell that this guy know his music, constantly giving love to the pioneers of hip hop. I’ll tell from the get go the beats are weak production is lacking but if you are willing to give this nerd a chance and listen to the lyrics (If you understand French that is). Chilly Chill flows with a certain swagger his rhymes are smart and funny. He raps about everyday stuff, girls, the life in Montreal.

3 pocket pen holders outta 5

Give this Montreal nerd some love and check him out. Free download on his my space page, here’s the link: Jeune Chilly Chill / Swaggalicioso Le Mixtape



Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Wale pronounced wah-ley

I was listening to the Root’s latest album “Rising Down” which is descent by the way and on the track “Rising Up” I was wondering who’s that Wale guy ? He sounds so fresh and new. Wale was born in Washington DC from Nigerian parents, he was on a football scholarship but left school to pursue music full time.

He sounds like a mixture of Common, Kanye & Lupe, he’s lyrically strong one of his strong points is that he knows where to put some emphasis to get his message across as he flows on these go-go influenced beats and what is go-go you might ask ? Go-go is a mixture of jazz, funk and marching band musicthat originated from the Washington, D.C., area during the mid- to late-1970s and the combination sounds damn good if you ask me.

He appeared in the Source in unsigned hype and if I did my research right he has a total of four mixtapes out. Now mixtapes usually serve as some type of promotional items but I’ll tell you that the Wale mixtapes that I’ve posted at the end of this article are not to be messed with for the simple fact that they are simply better then most albums that are out there on the market.

Definitly worth checkin out.

Both mixtapes are very good, good beats, strong rhymes definitely worth checking out. The mixtape about nothing has Seinfeld skits in there and it's all nicely mixed. You can get it for fee online.

100 Miles And Running 3.5 fat laces out of 5

Mixtape About Nothing 4 Costanzas out of 5

DOWNLOAD: Mixtape About Nothing

DOWNLOAD: 100 Miles And Running