Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Naked Music / Re-Creation

Remember how I was saying that I was looking for a change of scenery, a change of sound well I kept digging and I found this gem, Naked Music / Re-Creation.

In a nutshell, soulful chill house better yet it's (SSSNM) stands for super sexy saturday night music. Jay Denes (The Producer) has his listeners this trip on a blissful journey. Re-Creation treats its listeners with beautiful sax and funky guitar licked tracks. The ladies of Naked Music are sounding sweet as ever. Re-creation is a fitting anniversary album for the Naked Music label, as it perfectly embodies Naked's elegant evolving sound.

It's sophisticated lush layers, carefully executed production, artful lyrics and smooth vocals all stand way, way, WAY out there, especially in this tragic age of mediocre, trend driven music. Perfect for your nights just chillin and it grooves enough so you don't fall asleep. Even if house music is not your thing give it a shot It's worth it ...So good !!!

4 snares outta 5


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