Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Wale pronounced wah-ley

I was listening to the Root’s latest album “Rising Down” which is descent by the way and on the track “Rising Up” I was wondering who’s that Wale guy ? He sounds so fresh and new. Wale was born in Washington DC from Nigerian parents, he was on a football scholarship but left school to pursue music full time.

He sounds like a mixture of Common, Kanye & Lupe, he’s lyrically strong one of his strong points is that he knows where to put some emphasis to get his message across as he flows on these go-go influenced beats and what is go-go you might ask ? Go-go is a mixture of jazz, funk and marching band musicthat originated from the Washington, D.C., area during the mid- to late-1970s and the combination sounds damn good if you ask me.

He appeared in the Source in unsigned hype and if I did my research right he has a total of four mixtapes out. Now mixtapes usually serve as some type of promotional items but I’ll tell you that the Wale mixtapes that I’ve posted at the end of this article are not to be messed with for the simple fact that they are simply better then most albums that are out there on the market.

Definitly worth checkin out.

Both mixtapes are very good, good beats, strong rhymes definitely worth checking out. The mixtape about nothing has Seinfeld skits in there and it's all nicely mixed. You can get it for fee online.

100 Miles And Running 3.5 fat laces out of 5

Mixtape About Nothing 4 Costanzas out of 5

DOWNLOAD: Mixtape About Nothing

DOWNLOAD: 100 Miles And Running



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