Friday, July 25, 2008

C-San / The Birth

A few weeks ago I get this e-mail from Chris (C-San), he congratulated me on my blog and asked me to check out his MySpace page and he also gave me a link to download his album.I looked around in my favorite Hip Hop Blogs, nothing on C-San. Then I procrastinated and a few days ago I was wondering what to put on my blog next and I was like yeah! Let me see wassup with this Chris (C-San) guy and boy was I pleasantly surprised It’s been playing in my iPod ever since.

C-San is representing Inglewood California, he sounds like a young AZ, I don’t know if that’s a demo or an album maybe a mixtape but the production is tight, the rhymes are on point it’s lyrically stimulating and it just sounds good and consistent all around (well except for that song with Akon can’t stand that guy). The bonus tracks really did the job for me.

Check him out my space page. We should encourage young artists like that, I know how the music industry is and on top of that C-San chooses to stay true and not sell out.

Nuff Respect


3.5 foam cups outta 5

Peace & I’m Out


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