Wednesday, July 30, 2008


So after absorbing so much hip hop I needed a change of sound, I was looking for something chill, jazzy so I grabbed Bitter:Sweet's new album Drama from one of my co-bloggers. Bitter:Sweet is Kiran Shahani who produced a group called Supreme Beings Of Leisure and Shana Halligan.

They dropped The Mating Game (their 1st album) April 4, 2006 In summer of 2007, Bitter:Sweet released The Remix Game, featuring reworked versions of tracks from The Mating Game by renowned producers such as Thievery Corporation, Fort Knox Five, Jed Smith and Skeewiff and now Drama. The album sounds good It's martini music worthy of an old James Bond score. I like that spacy 60's vibe you can chill to it with ease it gets a little repetitive at the end but still woth checking out. Get it right here from on of my co-bloggers.


3 Martinis outta 5

Enjoy !


Anonymous said...

So, I guess fact checking isn't a priority.
1. Kiran was IN Supreme Beings...
2. Shana was NOT IN Esthero
3. The first record, The Mating Game came out 2 years ago (April 4, 2006), with The Remix Game coming out 1 year ago (Aug 1, 2007).

Anonymous said...

Guess you are right, I'll make sure to check out my facts before I post, do you know in what group the singer was affiliated with ?

Anonymous said...

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