Thursday, August 27, 2009

illroots and Okayplayer Present: The Remix Project

The Remix Project is a North Carolina collective comprised of Apple Juice Kid on the Drums, Matt Brandau on the Bass, Brevan Hampden on Percussion, Mark Wells on
Keys, Dana Chell on the Guitar/Samples, and DJ Merlin on the cuts. This project is a live reinterpretation by the Remix Project of classic Hip-Hop tracks ranging from Panjabi MC & Jay-Z “Beware” to Outkast’s “Prototype”. With a flawless presentation created by upcoming graphic designer Objectiv One and online powerhouses and this project is bound to create just as much buzz as Apple Juice Kid’s prior releases. You may remember this very same collaboration of online entities as they present the heralded Miles Remixed Album which saw the legend Miles Davis reinvented as only Apple Juice Kid could. Recently Apple Juice has produced tracks with several major artists such as Wale (Allido/Interscope), MC Lyte, Camp Lo, Fresh Daily, Donny Goines, Yahzarah, and many more. As well as being the drummer for The Remix Project, Apple Juice Kid joins Suede (Camp Lo) to form the genre bending group Freebass 808. The next 808 release, following their Moonbass EP, is titled Chakra and will be released early October with the first single “Rewind” featuring Jovi Rockwell of Major Lazer.

The Remix Project has been seen backing up some of your favorite live experiences as they backed up all the artists at the Nice And Smooth Tribute that was hosted by 9th Wonder and True School. Along with this event they have backed up the always entertaining Fat Man Scoop at SOB’s in New York City where he stated “I love this f*#king band.”

This project combines a live instrumentation of classic Hip-Hop songs that transitions flawlessly for 22 tracks of listening pleasure andis available for free download/stream thanks to and Now.


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Rahi High

You never know when you are going to discover good music, in this case good music bumped into me.

Here I am rushing to class after having dinner with my sweetheart and I hear a melodic acoustic guitare and a rhasby voiced brother with mad soul. Of course I took a few minutes to just listen to this soul brother. He sang Rome and I also caught Bernadette. I actually purchased a cd and I'm listening to it on the regular but also I make other people listen to him to get that sound around. I don't understand that we can have 12 Chris Brown clones or what ever flavor of the month pop artist that's out there and this brother cannot get a record deal !

Anyways back to my story, I was on the corner of Ste-Catherine and Guy and I told Rahi the he needs to go on the plateau hopefully he listened but he was sucha nice guy, down to earth and I wish him all the succes and love in the world. Here are a few links if you wanna check him out:

link 1
link 2

Peace brotherman.

Various Artists - Jazzy Kozmonaut (2009)

In the early 90's a musical movement called acid jazz took the industry by surprise. The names The Brandnew Heavies, Jamiroquai, Incognito, Groove Collective to name a few we're pioneers of this musical mouvement. It was a mix of funk, soul, jazz hip hop. Nowadays acid jazz is dead as disco but I was able to find this lovely compilation Jazzy Kozmonaut and it's just majestic. Jazzy, smooth instrumental tracks from The Jazzual Suspects, Rinocerose, Presto, Mark Farina and others. This is a must for any music lover. I got it from Beatbox Radio Show and their blog is full of wonderful little surprises.

Various Artists - Jazzy Kozmonaut (2009)

01. Presto feat. Wayward Saints - Altered States
02. Readymade - Transcontinental
03. The Jazzual Suspects - Funkin' Koobad
04. Rinocerose - Last Pictures
05. Tommy Hools - Barcelone
06. Humming Urban Stereo - Casker
07. Sonny Jones - Discipline
08. Raw Instinct - De La Bass (Mousse T Remix)
09. Andrew J. & Kaltenecker - Funqui Beet
10. Kleener - Tonight
11. DJ Fumiya - Groove Boy
12. Benny Blanko - Listen
13. Presto - Space Walk
14. Mark Farina - Cali Spaces (Julius Papp Remix)
15. Perquisite & David Kweksilber - After The Rain
16. Scott Matelic - Stargazin'
17. Kero One - Space Cadets
18. Phonosapiens - Relaxation Time
19. Moonrock - Ill Street Blues
20. Pete Rock - A Little Soul
21. P.U.T.S. - Schooled In The Trade
22. Moe Hairlines - Outrun
23. St. Germain feat. John Lee Hooker - Sure Thing
24. Presto - Relax Your Mind
25. Mateo & Matos - Taste of Funk
26. The Mighty Bop - Ride Away
27. Opgave - Spacehead
28. Grand Synthe - Descender
29. King Kooba - Static Society
30. Kraak & Smaak - Thinkin' Back
31. Kevin Yost & Guy Monk - More of You
32. Freddie Cruger - The Hustle (Red Astaire Remix)
33. The Odd Couple - Sunshine
34. Visioneers - Smoker
35. DJ Alibi - Come Home


Enjoy !

Peace & I'm Out