Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Rahi High

You never know when you are going to discover good music, in this case good music bumped into me.

Here I am rushing to class after having dinner with my sweetheart and I hear a melodic acoustic guitare and a rhasby voiced brother with mad soul. Of course I took a few minutes to just listen to this soul brother. He sang Rome and I also caught Bernadette. I actually purchased a cd and I'm listening to it on the regular but also I make other people listen to him to get that sound around. I don't understand that we can have 12 Chris Brown clones or what ever flavor of the month pop artist that's out there and this brother cannot get a record deal !

Anyways back to my story, I was on the corner of Ste-Catherine and Guy and I told Rahi the he needs to go on the plateau hopefully he listened but he was sucha nice guy, down to earth and I wish him all the succes and love in the world. Here are a few links if you wanna check him out:

link 1
link 2

Peace brotherman.

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Anonymous said...

Nice song, good melody with guitar. When is the next bus ride ?!