Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Lost Fingers/ Lost in the 80's

A few weeks ago my girlfriend was telling me about this group called “The Lost Fingers” I was like who? The lost what? Then she purchased the album and insisted that I check it out. Since I’m the music fiend in the couple I was like this better not be some cheesy generic R&B and it wasn’t.

Hailing from Quebec City, Lost Fingers is foremost a jazz band and this album is an homage to the 80’s. What they did is they took commercial songs from the 80’s flipped them into an acoustic jazz style and it works, I was singing pump up the jam on my way to the office. However after a while it gets repetitive, the vocals are O.K nothing special and all that acoustic guitar is cool but how about a beat, what happened to the drums? Gimme a snare, a kick .

In conclusion it’s a cool concept album, these guys are talented enough to make it happen, I would of like to see some variety and some drums because after a while (near the end of the album) everything sounds the same. Cool concept.

By the way they are giving a series of free show in the Montreal Jazz Fest, if i recall the shows are from June 26th to July 6th @ 5:30 pm. Here's the Jazz Fest link:

Check out their my space page:

3.5 Acoustic Guitars outta 5



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JL said...

I just received this cd as a gift, and I agree - cool concept, but one listen to the full disc and it got a bit too repetitive/similar in sound. I don't think I will listen to it again, but I hope they continue doing more and adding more variety and beats.