Thursday, June 12, 2008


I had to bring it back to basics, some nice jazzy downtempo electronic music. Check out Portishead's new single '' MACHINE GUN'' from the upcoming album ''THIRD'' also if anybody knows who is Clutchy Hopkins let me know, on this note enjoy and I'll be back soon. PEACE

DJ Ron

1- Machine Gun/Portishead
2- Moan (Vocal Version Featuring Ane Trolle)/Trentmoller
3- Gained The World (Feat. Manda)/Morcheeba
4-Midnight Ambulances/Kobayashi
5- Sneakin'/jaffa
6- cMassage Situation/Flying Lotus
7-Drops ft. Cyne/Daedelus
8- Not So OK Corral/Blockhead
10- 3:34/Clutchy Hopkins
11- Truth (featuring Roisin Murphy & J-Live)/Handsome Boy Modeling School
12- CadĂȘ VocĂȘ?/Bebel Gilberto
13- Midnight Melodic (Chase The Blues)/Terranova
14-Final Home (Vocal Version Featuring Esthero)/DJ Krush


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