Thursday, December 11, 2008

Common / Universal Mind Control

Common / Universal Mind Control

Common’s been keeping busy in the last 3 years, 3 albums (BE, Finding Forever and the latest Universal Mind Control), some Hollywood appearances (American Gangster, Smoking Aces amongst others). The first time I heard common was of course I Used to Love Her and he stayed one of my favorite artists and maintains that status even today. One thing that I respect with Common is that he’s not afraid to experiment, try new sounds and textures and throughout the years he was able to reinvent himself without losing his essence.

Universal Mind Control. 10 Solid tracks some better then others, with featurings such as Kanye (Issy fit) West, Pharell from the Neptunes, Cee-Lo Green and Muhsinah (which I discovered through the new Foreign Exchange album). Most of the production is handled by the Neptunes and Mr. DJ and most of it is tight. The only song I’m not feelin’ is Sex 4 Suga.

This album feels like a continuity of BE and the lyrics are more accessible then any previous Common albums however still very interesting. Yeah we got the singles the hits but my jam is definitely What a World featuring Chester French, a synth heavy retro groove with magnificent singing and polished production.

Enjoy it.

Since I was unable to get a good link that actually works, youcan get it at amazon

As soon I can, I will post a link for the download that will be for promotional use only and we must encourage good hip hop artists that are putting positive music out there.

4 / 5

Peace & I’m Out


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