Thursday, January 22, 2009

Jay-Z + Radiohead = JAYDIOHEAD

I’ve had this around for about two weeks now and after sleeping on it (actually after seeing how many raves this is getting) I decided to give it a chance.

A few years back there was the Jay-Z Beatles (The Grey Album by Danger Mouse) after I got my hands on The Green Album (Al Green beats with various hip hop artists) now Jaydiohead and this one is my favorite one. Minty Fresh Beats (who is that guy ?) a newcomer and that’s the beauty of the internet a talented young artist can show and prove what he’s made of.

Cool concept, hopefully you are familiar with both names if not well here’s your chance. The album is dark (well if you know Radiohead you’ll know what to expect musically).

Comments and suggestions are appreciated, peace & I’m Out.


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