Thursday, July 23, 2009

Slum Village - Remember The Classics (Free Mixtape Download)

Man oh man, I know this is no Fantasia post, thing is Fantasia is not all that this year, I saw a few good movies but nothing special... yet I hope the best is yet to come. I will be doing a post strictly on Fantasia.

Ok I've been mad crazy lately, workin' for da man, freelancin' but nuff said peep this free downlaod:Slum Village - Remember The Classics (Free Mixtape Download). The late J Dilla's group this is well the title says it classic Slum Village material, nicely mixed by Dj Supa and hosted by Big Nat (who just won't shut up throughtout the whole mixtape).

If you can overlook Big Nat screaming his lungs off it's all good, as for me the screaming or hosting like it's presented, hosteing, SHUT UP and let the music play.

Would of been genius but Big Nat ruined it for me.

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