Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Man oh man it's been almost two months since my last post, I was neck deep in my graphic design thing but as always I gotta come back to music. Food feeds the belly but music (amongst other things) feeds the soul.

As I was preparing my next mix (that will be posted within the next week or so) I discovered this dude called Ruckazoid!. This Los Angeles based DJ/Producer is just insane, I mean you gotta check it for your self. He stacks synthytisers (6 of them to be axact) and actually constructed his own turntables this guy is serious about his music. I would descibe his sounds as pure 80's breakbeat but he's no one trick cat, he produced from Lil' Wayne, Drake and he's coming out with a new album under the name Ruckazoid and the humans.

You know what I think the best thing is for you to check him out:

I'm sure we will hear from Ruckazoid! in the near future as for thegoodvibez I got two new original mixes that will be posted soon, I'm also going to redesign the blog.


Peace & I'm out


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