Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Max Tannone's Double Check Your Head by the Beastie Boys

A few weeks ago maybe a month while browsing the net I found Max Tannone's Double Check Your Head by the Beastie Boys.

Now the Beasties need no introduction but Max Tannonne (Formely Minty Fresh Beats) is a producer that released Jaydiohead which was a Jay-Z and Radiohead mashup. Now with Double Check you Head, he took lyrics and instrumental tracks from the classic Beasties album Check Your Head and the results is well... Imagine mashing up all that classic material.

When you listen to these songs they feel current, considering Check Your Head came out in 1992. This 7 song remix album is out of this world, the remixes are tight the production sounds crisp most of all all of these song has an individual twist to them, little sounds that we're not part of the instrumental tracks and there's even a new song in there featuring Nas.

You must check it out and if you only heard post 90's Beastie's stuff it's nothing compared to their first 4 albums and my all time favorite is Paul's Boutique (if you want to know)



Peace & I'm out



Max said...

hey man, thanks for posting it and im glad you like it! im working on a new project now so stay tuned!



Ron said...

Wow Max Tannone himself commented on the goodvibez blog and he's currently working on a new project.