Thursday, February 11, 2010


thegoodvibez #022

My first post of the new decade and here is another goodvibez mix that I'm sharing with you guys, after my indie phase (podcast 19 & 21) here is a nice chilled out electronica mix. I also added a little mp3 player to my blog, the songs are taken from the latest podcast you can use it to preview the songs before downloading. My favorite tracks we hard to choose as always but here we go and they are not in any particular order. The High Road by Broken Bells which consists of DJ Danger Mouse and James Mercer. I've been a fan of Danger Mouse since the days of the Grey Album and he never stopped to surprise me, he worked with Ceee-Lo (Gnarles Barkley) MF Doom to name a few and now he choose a new direction Broken Bell's sound is folky the album should come out later this year. Next is Stylo (Ft. Mos Def & Bobby Womack) by Gorillaz is one of my favorite groups and the characters are well crafted, I've been waiting for the album for a while now and word around the web is that it should come out later on this year as well. I was never able to label Gorillaz because the jump from one style to another but the music is always solid. Juicy Grub (feat Yousif) by Pat D & Lady Paradox is a hip hop group from the UK, it's some straight jazz-hop think british Digable Planets, I love how the Brits take hip hop and add their own twist. The rest of the songs are as great but I have a soft spot for these choices.

I noticed more followers on the blog, thanks a lot it's much appreciated please, comments and feedback are always welcomed. My next post will be thegoodvibez present, basically I will take an artist and compile some songs from all their albums and the first one will be DJ Cam and it will be posted real soon on this note I hope you will enjoy this mix that I've cooked for all y'all and keep in mind I do this blog because i just love sharing that great music with you.

Thegoodvibez#022 track list

1-No Way Down / Air France
2-Dejeuner Sur l'Herbe / Faberge
3-Paradise Circus feat. Hope Sandoval / Massive Attack
4-The High Road / Broken Bells
5-Stylo (Ft. Mos Def & Bobby Womack) / Gorillaz
6-Get Up GoGo (Oddisee remix ft. Georgia Anne Muldrow And Declaime) / Oddisee
7-B-Boy Stance / DJ Raff
8-Let There Be Horns / RjD2
9-Eye Of The Storm / The Sound Stylistics
10-Juicy Grub (feat Yousif) / Pat D & Lady Paradox
11-In All The Wrong Places / Kero One
12-thegoodvibez promo (mp3) / Dj Ron
13-Aquamilitia / Theophilus London
14-Dabz Beat / Morgan Spacek
15-Coat Of Arms / Nosaj Thing
16-Denovement / Daedelus


Enjoy, peace & I'm out

DJ Ron

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