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Wassapnin' party people and yes this is another edition of the goodvibez and it's with great pleasure that I bring you my latest mix... Jazz Hop. I've been cooking up that compilation for a while and I must say that I'm happy with the results. There ate some very known names, some new comers but the mix is sucka free as always.

It was a difficult task as usual to choose my top 3, I put a lot of effort to choose the right tracks, make sure they go well together. I'll go with Check The Rhime '09 by QuEST & Nero two upcoming rhymers but damn they represent a cover of one of my all time favorite tracks. Push On by Surreal & The Sound Providers is the perfect definition of jazz hop, a nice bass line and Surreal just flowin' on the mic. Now last but not the least is a Canadian rapper by the name of Shad. I know right now Drake is blowin' up but he doesn't come close to Shad's lyrical ability. The track telephone will demonstrate what I'm talking about and his album TSOL is not to be slept on. Honorable mention to Gift of Gab with Flashback, Pat D & Lady Paradox with I Wanna Feel Days straight from the UK and a young producer by the name of Suff Daddy with Join the Club.

Much love to the goodvibez followers, keep in mind that I'm doing this strictly for the love of music and it's with great pleasure that I share this with all ya'll. The artwork is made by me check out more of my artwork here.

thegoodvibez#024 track list:

01- The Future (Intro) / Dexter
02- Check The Rhime ‘09 / QuESt & Nero
03- Behind the Scenes: Ghetto Origins [Produced by J.Period] / J.Period & Q-Tip
04- Push On / Surreal & The Sound Providers
05- Boom Box / Asamov
06- Due Process (Kooley High Remix) / Kooley High
07- Here I Am / Chip Tha Ripper
08- Rousseau / CYNE
09- Jacquelina / Justice System
10- Join the Club / Suff Daddy
11- I Wanna Feel Days / Pat D & Lady Paradox
12- Bless The Child / Jazz Addix
13- LoveLine(s),DedicatedToLastFe'vrier / Blu & Exile
14- Interlude / Jr And Ph7
15- Keep The Faith / MeLo-X Feat. Jesse Boykins III & Print
16- Telephone / Shad
17- Early Dayz Amazement / ShinSight Trio
18- Flashback / Gift of Gab
19- The Juice of Chicago / The Roots
20- Just Begun ft. Jay Electronica, J. Cole, & Mos Def / Reflection Eternal
21- Jazzflow / Freddie Cruger
22- Back Home / Blue Scholars
23- Wordplay (9th Wonder Loungin' Around Remix) / A Tribe Called Quest ft. Consequence
24- Won´t Do Featuring Miles Bonny / Dela
25- OUtro / Apple Juice Kid

As usual comments and suggestions are welcomed enjoy !

Jazzy Jonez out !


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