Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Foreign Exchange / Leave It All Behind.

The Foreign Exchange / Leave It All Behind.

In 2004 The Foreign Exchange (Dutch producer Nicolay and Phonte from Little Brother) dropped the classic Connected and 4 years later the sophomore title Leave It All Behind is finally out, actually October 8th was the digital release and the physical will be available in North America on October 14th.

Now my first listen to Leave It All Behind came to me as a surprise for I was anticipating a follow up to Connected, which was, more hip hop oriented however the later is R&B friendly. If you want a follow up to connected I suggest you pick up Nicolay & Kay’s Timeline. After getting over the genre change, I really started to get into Leave It All Behind and now it's on constant rotation on my iPod, computer, I even carry a burned cd for non digital medium. The Production is layered, polished, the musical is a soulful mélange of jazz, electronica and R&B you’ll find a few rhymed verses but most of the album we get to hear Percy Miracles (Phonte pseudo name he took for this project) flow on this album with his crooner like vocals. Interesting appearances from Darien Brockington, Yazarah, Musinah, Zo! and Marc Mac of 4Hero.

Some people might not like that new direction however I think it’s a good way to expand to new horizons and regardless the album is tight. If you enjoyed that new vibe then check out Zo! & Tigallo love the 80’s another Phonte side project.

I was able to get it from my man Blak hopefully the link still works.

Leave It All Behind Behind is not as strong as Connected but still a very strong release. I give this album a 3,8 out of 5.

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Enjoyed your review. You can find mine here:

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thanks for showing me some love, I'm diggin' your blog as well and I LOVE foreign exchange, dope review. keep the good vibez coming :)