Monday, October 6, 2008

The Foreign Exchange/Daykeeper feat. Muhsinah

The Foreign Exchange/Daykeeper feat. Muhsinah

Music has the magical ability to take us to other places, through music we feel, may that be from the extreme happiness to the gloomiest melancholy and that brings me to The Foreign Exchange/Daykeeper feat. Muhsinah.

It’s a free song from the much-anticipated album called Leave It All Behind and that song will most definitely be part of my future mixes. It’s a smooth R&B track featuring a new comer called Muhsinah and damn she has a sweet voice. Phonte sings on this track as well and it’s nice to see some versatility because not only he can spit a mean 16 bars but he can smooth it out some.

DOWNLOAD and most of all enjoy.

Peace & I'm out !

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