Monday, September 22, 2008

Lateef Dameer/Speak like a child

One day I just got a message on my blog's message box from this dude J. Jonah Jameson Lives (I love the spider-man reference) great blog, Jazz liberatorz are severly underated.. Lateef Dameer - Speak Like A Child - link.

I was like cool, I'll check it out a few days pass and I'm looking for a quick musical fix so I clicked the link, downloaded the album for free and I've been enjoying the vibe ever since. Lateef Dameer/Speak Like A Child is hip hop, jazz, funk, soul mixed into one nice cocktail. Think Q-Tip, De La Soul, The Liquid Crystal Project and that will give you an idea, don't sleep on this one ya'll gonna dig it.

Lateef: "I don't want to do anything else but make beats. When i'm in school listening to the words of my professors all I hear is different percussion accented within their speech. Its just getting to the point where I have to carry my 202 + Laptop with me everywhere. Get it, make it, and live it."



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J. Jonah said...

here is a new link

the zshare link doesn't seem to work anymore.