Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Zo and Tigallo Love the 80's

I've been playing so much X-BOX Madden 09 (my good friend the dirty-1 hooked me up real nice for my B-Day) that I started slippin' and getting lazy about my blog and podcast.

So that brings me to Zo and Tigallo Love the 80's. Zo is a producer from Detroit and Tigallo is Phonte from Little Brother. I really like that fact that besides Little Brother, Phonte is always on some side project and this one is the bomb. Don't be scared of the juicy greasy curls, It's an homage to what these guys grew up on, come to think about it I knew all the song so I can relate.

So basically these guys took a few songs from the 80's and updated then, we can recognize the songs right away but with Phonte on the vocals and Zo on production, the result is simply amazing. The EP was a very serious project from producing to vocals and mixing they went all out and the final product is right on point.


4 curl activators outta 5



Kerri said...


LOL @ Curl Activators...

C'est trop!!!!!

Phatboi2000 said...

I am late on the Comments but not on the CD. This Is a CLASSIC EP!! I really wish someones lable would have picked this up and promoted this forreal!!
The Industry is Sleeping!