Friday, February 27, 2009

Afro Samurai Ressurection

Afro Samurai is a Japanese Manga series created by Takashi Okazaki. Originally a Manga graphic novel. In 2007 Spike TV aired the first series and the sequel played in January 2009 and it's now out on DVD & Blu Ray.

American actor Samuel L. Jackson returns as the voice for Afro and Ninja-Ninja, while this time he is joined by Lucy Liu who voices Afros' enemy Sio, Mark Hamill also joins as the voice of Sio's protector and henchman Bin. Yuri Lowenthal also returns as the voice of Jinno / Kuma.

I discovered japanese animation with Akira, Ghost in the Shell and Ninja Scroll, these movies are now considered classics, pillars of the japanese animation world. I'm an animation fan but I have a special spot for Manga and Afro Samurai Ressurection quenches my thirst for bloody violence, stylistic design and great story line. Ressurections picks up right after the first installment of Afro Samurai Jinno/Kuma is back with Sio for the number 1 headband (it's not really clear how the got it) and the rest is history, A now docile Afro must go back to his old violent ways to get the number 1 back. I still prefer the fisrt afro series because it's so difficult to raise the bar when the bar is so high. Ressurection is still a fun watch all of the elements that made the 1st episodes a success are back, the animation, backgrounds and action are all better then the first series and Ninja-Ninja (Samuel L. Jackson) is more annoying then before but then again it remains very entertaining and a fun watch. One last thing that I must mention is the soundtrack, once again provided by the RZA and the music merges beautifully with the action sequences.

If you are an animation fan, you need to check this out and if you are not well it's never too late to expand your horizons.
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Enjoy !

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