Sunday, February 1, 2009

Weedy 2008 Side Stuff Mix

Padmo's Change the channel was one of my favorite releases from 2008 and after doing a little bit of research I found out that Padmo' is from a Germany based group called 40 Winks and Weedy (the second half of the group) dropped a little mix tape called Weedy 2008 Side Stuff Mix, I was able to get it from the Laid Back web site (it's a free download) and I was as pleasantly surprised about the results. Weedy compiled some hip hop tracks and remixes that he produced for 08. All the tracks are unreleased except The Port (Format Mix).

I love this, it's short but damn sweet. I don't like the fact that it's one continuous mix, I wished it was just single mp3's. Regardless it's great, some nice smooth out, jazzy and soulful beats with some nice mc's flowin' on these tracks.

Weedy - If The Spirit Moves Ya (instrumental)
A.R.M. (krukid & m.anifest) - If The Spirit Moves Ya
Port Format - Fresh Food (Weedy remix)
Nag&Twan - Wervanda (Weedy remix)
M.anifest - The Birds & The Beats
Brazzaville - You In The Distance (Weedy remix)
Weedy - Bass In Your Face (instrumental)
M.anifest - Bass In Your Face
Brazzaville - Chappaqua (Weedy remix)
Brazzaville - You In The Distance (Weedy remix pt.2)


Asusual comments and suggestions are welcome. Peace & i'm out.


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Anonymous said...

40 Winks consists of Padmo & Weedy and they're from Antwerp (Belgium) and not from Germany as stated in the post.

More info on them: