Wednesday, February 11, 2009

J.Period Presents... The [Abstract] Best

J.Period Presents... The [Abstract] Best

I was suggested that I do something special on my blog for Valentine's day and it sounded like a good idea but I wasn't about to drop some cheezy R&B mix so i reffered to my love of Hip Hop and picked a little something for ya'll. is one my my favorite resources for music they always have something new, I've discovered a lot of artists through illroots. They have the Fresh Dunks series (mixtape) but the reason I'm praising them is because of their latest post: J.Period Presents... The [Abstract] Best. Fist of all who is J.Period ? This Dj / producer has a resume that includes remixes for top artist such as Lauryn Hill, The Roots, Kanye West and Mary J. Blige.

Now J.Period Presents... The [Abstract] Best is the latest bomb that he dropped. This mix tape has everything you ever wanted by Q-Tip, rare track, remixes, demos and the guests are top notch as well names like: Dres (Black Sheep), Blu, De La Soul,Busta Rhymes, Amanda Diva, Talib Kweli, Nas, Questlove and more. Q Tip, A Tribe Called Quest we're a major influence in the evolution of hip hop they never wan any grammys, never went platinum but every hip hop head knows that the abstract poetic prominent like Shakespear. The way the each song is blended with the other is magical, one nice continuos trip and the skits are funny, Bob Powers you there ?

This is another gargantuous release by J.Period and Illroots, I will keep my eyes open for new J.Period stuff. it's a free DOWNLOAD and I would of paid for that mix of over 40 songs, keep real music alive.

Peace & I'm out.


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