Thursday, December 24, 2009

Battalion Armour x Apple Juice Kid – Beautiful Warriors 2 (Louis Armstrong Remixed)

Earlier this year, The Apple juice Kid dropped Miles Davis remixed, it was a great project and I still listen to it regularly. I taught I was dreaming but nope another Apple Juice kid project (this DJ/Producer/Drummer) is going for the gold with Louis Armstrong Remixed. The concept is very simple take 11 old L. Armstrong songs and update them. Some have a hip hop feel, others are more electronic well in this day of mashing up styles who cares right ? The question remains is it any good ? You bet'cha it's damn good. Now I have to tell you that I still prefer Miles Remixed but the Armstrong Remixed is a breeze to listen to specially around the Holiday no one can hate on an updated version of Wonderful World.

This is something you can sit back, relax and enjoy with you girl, your family even you Grandfather is going to enjoy this one. This project just makes me wonder what is the Apple juice Kid is going to tackle afterwards ? how about some remixed Coltrane now that would be a trip.created by




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