Thursday, December 24, 2009



I wasn't gonna let my hip hop heads out to dry, I didn't post much in 09 ans I was more in the Indie and electro vibe but I wasn't about to forget my first love so here it is, something to get down to during the holidays.

I'm gonna jump to my favorite tracks right away, Auditiorium Ft. Slick Rick by Mos Def is a solid track with Madlib on production and I just remember having a good time on a certain Saturday afternoon with two of my friends and we we're just humming the melody on and on so this one goes out to Double U & T. Nebulosa by DJ Cam Quartet, Cam's been out there since the 90's putting out amazing instrumental (mostly) albums. He stirs hip hop and jazz and serves you up with a delectable musical cocktail. Diggin' was one of my favorite albums of 2009 i know you gonna dig this one. It's also interesting to see how hip hop is treated overseas, The Key by Speech Debelle is an example this Londoner just rips the mic on a jazzy beat and the potent English accent just gives it more personality.

I notices two more followers on the blog, thanks a lot it's much appreciated. I still got a few tricks up my sleeve before the year ends on this note I hope you will enjoy this hip hop mix that I've cooked for all y'all.

thegoodvibez#020 track list

1-Wonka Beat 1 / Damu The Fudgemunk
2-Less (Part 1 & 2) / DJ Vadim, Jabee & Emcee Hype
3-Protagonists / Felt (Slug & Murs)
4-Auditiorium Ft. Slick Rick / Mos Def
5-Oakland / Raashan Ahmad
6-What We Live / Nicolay and Kay
7-Alive & Vibrant / Nero
8-Stakes Is High Part 1 (U-N-I) / Mick Boogie & Terry Urban
9-It Is What It Is Featuring Naledge / Dela
10-Nebulosa / DJ Cam Quartet
11-Magic Man / Kayne West & Malik Yusef feat. Common & John Legend
12-The Key / Speech Debelle
13-Zone To Da Night Life (ft. Median) / Jr And Ph7
14-The Grind / People Under The Stairs
15-Get Away ft. Little Brother (Prod. By Nel Sentimentum) / Buggs Da Rocka
16-Jacques Cousteau / Kooley High
17-Request / Q-Tip
18-Yikes Ft. Doom / Scienz Of Life
19-Stella Kuen / Buck 65

I said it, I meant it and I’m here to represent it.
Peace & I’m out.



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